Aristotle Confidential Disclosure Forum Online Reporting Tool

Forum Features

The Aristotle Confidential Disclosure Forum is a web based application that provides both employees and corporate management with easy-to-use, interactive whistleblower reporting tools.

Corporate Customization

Aristotle will customize the look and feel of the Forum to match your company's corporate branding. Corporate customization options include:

  • Corporate logo on the login page and every interior page
  • Corporate branding (colors, fonts, etc.) in headers and buttons on every page
  • Text explaining company's whistleblower policy on the login page

Secure Server Hosting

Hosted on a secure Aristotle server, The Forum costs include a low one-time licensing fee which includes customizing the look and feel of the application with your corporate branding and a low monthly storage charge for application hosting.

Anonymous Employee Reporting

The Employee section of the Forum offers your staff an easy-to-use, secure method for submitting anonymous reports. Employees select their own login name and password and can easily log on to submit reports, view counsel responses to their own postings and view listings of their own reports.

Visit the Employee Demo section of the site for more information and to view sample employee Forum pages.

Secure Reports Administration

Access to the Corporate Counsel section of the Forum is limited to your firm's counsel or appropriate company designees. Counsel can easily respond to employee postings and manage your firm's whistleblower reports with the Forum's searchable archives.

Visit the Corporate Counsel Demo section of the site for more information on the many benefits of the Forum to your whistleblower reports managers and to view sample Corporate Counsel Forum pages.

Additional Aristotle Services

Your firm may also choose to take advantage of optional Aristotle services including:

  • Offline archiving of dated submissions on CD or tape
  • Storage of offline archives
  • Additional graphic customization of application to match the corporate website
  • Custom programming

Please Contact Us for more information on the Forum and fee schedules.

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