Aristotle Confidential Disclosure Forum Online Reporting Tool

Corporate Counsel Demo

The Confidential Disclosure Forum provides your firm's corporate counsel or appropriate designees with a powerful, secure online tool for responding to and managing anonymous employee whistleblowing reports. The Forum provides:

Secure Corporate Access

  • Access to postings is limited only to those within your company designated to receive them, such as the chief legal counsel, outside counsel, or specific members of upper management.
  • Corporate counsel/designees access the Forum through the corporate counsel's own login page.
  • Counsel selects a Username and Password and may subsequently change the Password for privacy protection.

Easy Response & Reports Management

  • Corporate counsel/designees have the ability to respond easily to employee reports and to request more information while retaining employee anonymity.
  • Corporate Counsel DemoResponses to posted comments remain in the Corporate Counsel's Outbox until retrieved by the employee.
  • Forum managers can select to be notified by email when employee messages are posted.
  • Corporate counsel/designees can forward relevant messages to the appropriate persons.
  • The program can be set to automatically send contents of initial employee messages to outside auditors or counsel identified by the corporation.

Searchable Archives

  • Dated employee postings may be archived
  • Forum Archives can be searched and sorted by topic and by subject.

Please take a moment to view the Corporate Counsel Demo for more details on whistleblower management and response options the Forum can provide your company.

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